Wait, I know what you are thinking. It's the oppisite. Beauty from the Inside out. 

Here is what I've learned over the past few years; people dont listen to you if you don't show up how they want to see you. Now all that madness about "you can't judge a book by it's cover." would be great if people would actually adhere to that way of thinking. But unfortunately we don't. and there are Mr. and Mrs. Judgypantses all over the place. 

As an over weight kid, I still had a personality that made friends and I expected the same treatment that everyone else got. Well, that wasn't quite the way it worked out. What i figured out was, my weight was a way for me to hide from my biggest lesson in life. Althought all those kids mostly the "mean girls" were totally wrong, I would have never shown up for something better if I hadn't gone through all that BS with them and their parents, my family, strangers and who ever else made me feel like I was less deserving becasue of my weight. 

Fast forward to adulthood. I worked out a bit and took my appearance much more seriously and people were much nicer and paid alot more attention to me. But that isn't the point. The point is, once I realised that being overweight was my roadblock to getting my message out to the world; I shed the earthly barrier between myself and my greatness. Now, I could have remained the size I was and still had a fantastic message and worked the heck out of my life. #WERK

But I didn't know that until I got rid of the barrier. I like myself better healthier but I feel even if I fell off the fit wagon, the lessons I learned back then helped me realize that everyone has a voice no matter what the package looks like. 

Once I did the work, the people that I needed to help showed up and my life made a turn to serve others. And that's the meaning of life, to me anyway. Do the work, teach others how, live in abundance and joy!!