So what does it mean when people say, go with the flow? Does that mean just aimlessly follow the masses into whatever is driving them?  Does it mean, accept all the crappy things that happen to you because that's what you've been given and you have to deal with it. 

 Let's be real, just for a moment. Stupid stuff happens all the time. Like this morning, I felt tired and didn't want to teach my spin class (I'll tell you about that later). Seems when I force myself to do something even though I feel like running the other way, the white puff of light works it's way into my soul. How, you ask? I was telling my students to put their mind in the muscle they wanted to use (basic info) but how do you know what muscle that is. It's easy to push with your knees in spin class or you think your pushing with your feet. But in all actuality, your Booty is and should be the driving force. Have you ever heard of someone with an injured booty from riding their bike? No. Bad knees or back maybe, but that's because they were focusing on the wrong driving force. So what seems to be the simple answer and the "flow" is not really all that simple. Just as our booty pushes our workout. Our spirit pushes our lives...... And if we push with our ego that's when we get hurt. 

Love Y'all! 

XOXO Heather