When I talk to my kids I remember the really important things my mom taught me! (Not stuff like bedtimes and how to fold fitted sheets) this is a long one, sit down with some coffee...

12. You are not 1 dimensional. You can clean the house... In heels....throw a baseball.... And write a novel. Don't ever tell yourself or let others tell you what you are "not".

11. Get mad! When people call you names, take advantage of you, leave you, something happens unexpectedly.... Don't be sad for more than a minute. She would say, aren't you mad, Heather? They don't deserve your tears and the situation WILL get worse if you don't do something about it. Getting mad makes you improve yourself and not feel sorry for yourself. Get mad, and get over it!

10. Always pull yourself together before your Spouse comes home. She would have 5 minutes and put her face on and change her clothes before my Dad walked in. Because, YOU ALWAYS PUT YOUR BEST SELF FORWARD. Especially for your husband.

9. Forgive. But don't let them do it again. The ones who hurt you were there for a reason and you learn your lesson and move on!

8. Don't quit things because of people. Picture it.....Track meet 8th grade. A group of girls made me miserable . They HATED ME and made it known to the whole school, it was fun for them. My Mom made me go because I was good. And I won my race! Despite those girls. Just because people oppose you doesn't mean you won't succeed (Y Girls- hear me?)

7. Shopping is great cardio and even Better bonding time with your Mom. Even Jason loved it! (My brother)

6. Always see the good in people. Even when they were awful my mom saw the one thing that made them special and magnified it. Tell them!!!! It doesn't mean your not going to get attention just because someone else is.

5. When something fits you perfectly, buy 3 in black and 2 More, one neutral and one great pop of color.

4. Take people in when they are in desperate for help even if it effects your happy life. As long as they don't take advantage and try to get their sh*t together.

3. Give stuff away when people like it. Even if you aren't done with it. I always offer up my stuff cuz I know if it gives me joy, it will give some one else more.

2. Love your body NOW! She used to say "I'll be happy if my stomach went away". And I used to say things like that too. Until I realized, it didn't matter, she still had limited time here, her stomach didn't matter. She was never fat, always exercised, and I think she was the sexiest women ever. She had a way about her... We all do if we take care of ourselves.

1. Don't be afraid to Be Yourself! And do what YOU want to do with your life. Because the people who are truly meant for your life will like you even when you're goofy! Even when you fail. And when you fail they will push you to go forward and try again.

It's been 9 years since she left this place. I celebrate her. It makes me happy to share these things with you. I don't feel cheated, I feel lucky that I got to know her.